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Child Safety Shutters Treatment in Fredericksburg, VA

Purchasing child-safe window treatments should be a priority for everyone. Even if you have no young children or pets living at home, your friends and family with children may come to visit.

Manufacturers attach warning labels to window treatments that warn about the potential hazards of corded blinds and shades. However, they have answered the call to design child-safe window treatments and operating systems. Now, there are window treatments manufactured with child safety in mind.

As a Fredericksburg shutter company, we have put together an essential basic guide on How To Choose Child-Safe Window Treatments For Your Home.

Child-Safe Cordless Window Blinds

Window blinds come in many styles and manual operating systems that don’t have cords. You can find cordless window blinds with an easy-lift system that raises and lowers the window covering with just the touch of a finger. A standard window blind transforms into a child-safe window treatment that is easy to use and looks streamlined.

Easy-lift window blind operating systems come in different styles from different manufacturers. You’ll have many different options to choose from, depending on the manufacturer of the window blinds you want.

Child-Safe Motorized Roller Shades

Both window blinds and roller shades can come with motorization systems. The motorized window blinds and motorized shades are also usually installed with a track system on either side, but not always. Motorized blinds and shades are operated with a handheld remote or over your smartphone, making them the perfect child-safe window treatment with no chance of potential risk.

Install Window Blinds With Retractable Wands or Cords

Some wood blinds have a single retractable cord or wand. The wand or cord stays at a constant length as you raise or lower the wood blinds. Many other window treatments, such as window shades, sliding panels, and roller shades, can become child-safe if you purchase those with a retractable wand or cord.

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