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How Much Do You Know About Child-Safety Window Treatments?

Cordless window treatments are more than just neater alternatives for your windows. They offer peace of mind for parents and caregivers, because these window treatments are safer for children. Installing cordless window treatments for the home is a vital decision every parent needs to make today.

Window blinds with cords can be a source of danger for kids. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately nine children who are 5 years old or younger lose their lives to strangulation in window blinds, shades, curtains, or other window coverings with cords each year.

To bring awareness to Child Safety Month, Price Blinds has put together a list of child-friendly window treatments.

Types & Functions of Child-Friendly Window Blinds and Shades

Price Blinds is dedicated to bringing you the best solutions to protect your kids while offering you a wide range of features to enrich your in-room experience at home. Below are the types of child-friendly window treatments we offer.

Cordless Cellular Shades

Our cordless cellular shades are a perfect blend of design and function, pleated into single and double cells to give your room ideal light filtration that enriches its visual texture.

Made with insulating fabric, our cordless cellular shades put you in control. Simply push up the base of our cordless cellular shades during the day to get air and light, and pull it down when it’s cool to keep your room cozy.

Our cordless cellular shades come in different dimensions and colors to suit your windows.

Cordless Roller Shades

Our cordless roller shades come in color-enriched single fabrics that unroll into long sheets without slats, giving your room a smooth and even texture.

Available in assorted sizes and fashionable patterns, like tweed and woven fabrics, it’s easy to find an option that meets your ideal décor expectations.

Interior Shutters

We provide handcrafted interior shutters to maximize your experience by ensuring they are as bespoke as they are aesthetic. Our interior shutter slats are worked into various architectural patterns which make them adaptive to changing weather conditions and versatile in design for your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. Our interior shutters consist of insulating materials that resist UV damage and regulate in-room humidity.

You can find our interior shutters made with assorted synthetic materials like basswood and poplar, in different colors and dimensions. If you are looking to tweak your interior décor with something different, try our faux styles, which are built with reinforcing composites to offer lasting elegance.


We have a range of sheer and blackout curtains offering different degrees of light filtration to meet your room needs. Our curtain treatments are also handcrafted to fit patio doors and windows, regardless of their dimensions. We offer curtains in many colors and patterns, so you can find a curtain treatment that blends with your room design.

Privacy and Convenience

Child-friendly window treatments at Price Blinds are ideal if privacy and convenience are crucial to you. Our cordless blinds for windows create the perfect environment, and their insulating features outperform the average in filtering light, heat, and sound to make your rooms soothing for you and your family.

Affordability & Benefits

Price Blinds cordless window treatments offer multiple benefits, including durability, aesthetic enhancement, temperature control, resistance to UV damage, and noise and light filtration. In addition, we do our best to provide custom window treatments to our customers at highly competitive prices. More important than all of these benefits, however, is the safety of your children. Cordless window treatments are simply safer than the alternatives.

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