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Career Opportunities In Fredericksburg, VA

Price Blinds, LLC is a small company whose focus is providing excellent window treatment installation services to its customers.

We are looking to expand our workforce with reliable and competent employees who are motivated to advance and succeed. If you are looking for a career in the new year that provides variety, independence, recognition, and rapid advancement, you need not look any further than Price Blinds, LLC.


Our staff regularly go into homes to install blinds, shades, and shutters and look and act professional to maintain a level of comfort with our customers. Therefore, all applicants must:

  • Pass a background check
  • Have a valid drivers license
  • Look, dress, and smell clean
  • Present themselves professionally to customers
  • Be personable

While experience is desirable, we are most interested in bringing someone in who is a positive team player that is easy to get along with. A good match will be someone who can handle change and is willing to learn.

*Working with Price Blinds, LLC will remove you from the boring and monotonous, drone like office or retail environment and give you a satisfying sense of liberation.

  • The scenery changes every day as you travel to different job sites. Most of the work is indoors where it is heated or air conditioned.
  • Working in Window treatments, you can expect to get plenty of sunlight.
  • This type of work is a great hybrid of blue collar and white collar work. No digging trenches, or coughing up drywall dust.



“I never worked in the window treatment field and have not installed so much as a blind.”

$13 an hour, $27,000.00 a year. This position is considered a helper. You mostly open boxes, stage product and LEARN. You ride around with the installer. Helpers don’t add much to the company in terms of value, but, we all have to start somewhere. The idea with his position is that you learn quickly so we can pay you more.

Beginner Installer

“I’ve learned the basics, I know how to install entry level product such as honeycomb shades and blinds.”

$14 an hour, $29,000 a year. In this position, you are considered a beginner installer and while you still do helper work, you are able to help with installation of product. You still ride around with an installer, but now you know how to use a drill and start adding value to the company. The idea with this position is that you learn to start working independently.


“Blinds and Honeycombs are a breeze, I can now install more complicated products such as roman shades, roller shades, skylights, panel track, and vertical blinds. I rarely make a mistake when I measure”

$15-$18 an hour, $31,000-$37,000 per year. In this position, you now take responsibility of a company truck and can do installations without oversight. You have proven yourself dependable and capable of getting the job done. You can think through issues that pop up on a job site without calling your boss.

Advanced Installer

“I do installations quickly and efficiently, I rarely am late for an appointment and have proven myself reliable I can now install draperies, vertiglides/verticells, and motorization like a pro.”

$19-$23 an hour, $40,000=$47,000 per year. In this position, you can zip through basic installations and can be counted on to come up with solutions for more complicated ones. Installation of draperies and vertiglides/verticells doesn’t cause you much stress motorization is done as easy as sending a text.

Expert Installer

“I’m the guy with the answers and I can install shutters. My work rarely has issues and I can pretty much handle anything you throw at me.”

$24-$30 an hour, $50,000-$61,000 per year. Usually it takes some years of experience to get to this point, but ideally, this is the Price Blinds, LLC Installer. You can figure anything out can install shutters effectively and efficiently. You have a proven track record of being on time and reliable. If you are this person, please move to the front of the line.

Join Price Blinds, and Be On Top of Your Game: Apply Today!

If you are coming to this field with little experience but with a mechanical mind, you can rapidly advance up this scale when working with us. As you prove yourself, you will be promoted and paid more.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 100 MB.
    Allowed file extensions - pdf doc docx.
  • The protection of your privacy is important to us at Price Blinds. Rest assured that the personal information you provide us with will not be disclosed to other parties and will be used solely for the purpose of bringing you the best service possible.

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